About MAG Academy

Adesewa Greg-Ighodaro founded MAG Academy to provide a platform of partnership for believers to maximise growth opportunitites through digital learning

On the MAG Academy digital learning HUB, all our resources are curated to achieve two main goals; to activate proofs in your life as well as cause you to begin to produce fruits of your walk in God through other people or through your birthing a product or service.

Adesewa Greg-Ighodaro is is the Founder and current CEO of Pine-Empress Creative Concepts Limited, a creative media and consulting firm with its operating office in Lagos, Nigeria. With more than 8 years of industry engagement, Adesewa has exercised her expertise in content creation, concept development, client relations, strategy and analysis, project management and business administration. As a proven communication consultant, she always seeks to provide valuable, intelligent and efficient communication elements that grow individual brands and corporate organizations. It is to this end that she started Corporate Church, a media marketing community and enterprise that helps Churches, Ministries, Faith-based organizations identify their message to bring them visibility as well as make their voice to be heard. Adesewa is the Ministry Director at MAG NETWORK FOR BELIEVERS - a digital hub that provides resources that are practical and proven to help every Christian, regardless of their denomination, to live full-proof and productive lives. A network which now has leading members in Dublin, Malawi, Kenya, Angola and the United States of America. Adesewa is a Speaker & has Authored 5 books which have gained the hearts of many.